Iceland 2010 Portfolio

Flying to Reykjavik from the US West Coast consumes three days - well 20 something hours spread over three days. I camp, so each rolling duffle is within a pound or three of the 50 pound limit. Please don't weigh my carry on. It's hard work with much sitting.

I am drawn to the small island in the Atlantic ocean. It is a wonderful place to be and a spectacular place to photograph. I will return. It will take three days - there will be too much sitting, it may rain. Oddly, I will resent the sun if it persists. With 24 hours to shoot, sleep won't be missed. It will be the best few weeks of the year.

Iceland 2006 - 2009 Portfolio

After photographing the American West, Iceland is both familiar and revelatory. The geology, the coast and mountains can seem familiar. The verdant land with its few and often stunted forests, the small villages - exotic.

Iceland is a small, northerly rock in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Weather and light constantly change. Near the Arctic circle, Iceland is an easy and friendly place to travel. The light in the Summer is constant and occasionally spectacular.

photographing iceland

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Essay - Photographing Iceland

I live in California and have traveled and photographed the American West for over 25 years.

It is easy for me to travel and photograph the glacial carved Yosemite region or the parched deserts of Death Valley and Southern California. The California, Oregon and Washington Coastlines along with the the geysers of Yellowstone, the peaks of the Grand Tetons or the vast Grand Canyon are equally available. So why do I find myself returning at every opportunity to Iceland?


Web Travelog - Camping In Iceland

Planning your first trip to Iceland? On our first trip in July 2006, we traveled counter clockwise on the ring road for 14 days. This is a photo web log of that trip.

With the majority of the population living in and around the Capitol, the countryside is uncrowded. The scenery is spectacular and reminiscent of the American West and in the summer, verdant. The Summer weather is variable but temperate. Leave your shorts and bring rain gear.


Iceland 2014 Portfolio

This time we spend 27 days in June traveling the island. The internet sites that keep track of such things insist that June, while cooler than the prime-time Summer months of July and August, on average has less rain. Not so in 2014 or again in 2015.

In any case, June has less visitors and lower prices on most everthing that a turist might need. Cool and rainy weather aside, it's a wonderful time to wonder and explore.

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